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Friday, December 30, 2005

My Hubby's Birthday Surprise

Yep, today's the day, the day that I become a year older, the day that I get to get a day off for myself, the day Al told me that he has a surprise for me. First of all, I asked my employer for a day off, only to find out yesterday that higher ups decided to give the option of a day-off to people who want it. Obviously almost everybody took the day off anyway. So it's like asking for a day off for nothing, haha. So, I just stayed at home, with the intention of cleaning up our place in time for New Year's, but suddenly woke up with a call from my Dad. Aww, the second greeter after Al. Thanks Dad! Then family and friends started calling, one call after another, sometimes simultaneously so I had to call back. Very touching. Also checked emails, myspace, and friendster, and still a slur of greetings. Am touched, really. And I feel guilty in a way for forgetting some birthdays in the past, and yet these people remembered. Anyhoo, I kept talking and talking, and didn't realize that the time was 4 pm and Al kept waiting for me to get ready for his surprise. So I had to give up the phone, put it on silent, and dressed up for the evening.

So we drove to downtown SF towards California Street, and already I had a hunch as to where he was going to bring me. He drove by the entrance of Mark Hopkins hotel, which is right next to Fairmont Hotel and Grace Cathedral. This was my first time there, but not Al's. We rode the elevator to the top of the hotel to reach Top of the Mark, a high-end restaurant in San Francisco. I felt a little unconfortable as I wasn't too dressed for te occassion. They had a special menu for the night, and they seated us by the window with a wonderful view of the lit city and Transamerica building. Al had made reservations already for this special night. The ambiance itself was romantic, with a dim atmosphere, a jazz band, a dance floor, and candle-lit tables. I wish I knew what we were eating, and I couldn't see the menu well since it was dim, but I do remember eating sturgeon fish while Al had some lamb chops as entrees for our three course meal. We had some champagne on the side and some wonderful mousse dessert. I thought the meals were very overpriced, but the band was lovely and I guess we were paying for the ambiance. Our waiter was also great. The night would have been perfect, had not the stuck-up couple next to us complain about their service. Geez.

Just before getting our first course, Al suddenly reached for something and handed me a small box wrapped in a gold wrapper and topped with a gold ribbon. Gosh, I got teary-eyed and opened the small gift. Lo and behold, a diamond ring! I am truly flattered, but when I tried it on, it didn't fit! Haha! Man, I guess I really need to lose some weight soon! After dinner, Al drank some coffee while I had some tea. I still didn't want to leave but we didn't want to stay up too late and we have to drive back all the way to SJ.

UPDATE - We returned to the jewelry store on New Year's Day to choose another design (hehe) since I just want a simple single anniversary band, whereas the one Al gave me had more intricate designs. It will be ready for pick-up within a week from now.


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