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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Post-Birthday, Pre-New Years

Today, woke up early to start on my house cleaning and preparation for the party I had planned the last minute, hehe. There wasn't much to clean anyway, but I also started off early to beat the crowd on my grocery shopping. Okay, that didn't happen since "the crowd" was there before me. Yikes! Anyway, went to Costco to buy some stuff such as a pack of Martinelli sparkling cider for the party. I also passed by Trader Joe's to buy champagne and veggie stuff for my sib Cher (since she's a vegetarian). Yep, gotta have something special for her. The rest of the food was ordered at Goldilocks (yum) which Al picked up after work.

Anyway, I turned on the magic mic, after preparing, and visitor after visitor came in one at a time (Al picked up Don and Jean on the way). Anne followed, my Dad and family + Anton's gf, Mo and family (and my cute inaanak), and Jep and family (my other inaanak and adorable niece). Food was abundant with relyenong manok (stuffed chicken), sweet ham, lumpia shanghai, Chinese pork asado, embutido, sansrival (pastry, my fave), mushroom and spinach turnovers, green beans in thai spice sauce, spinach hor d'ouvres, jumbo shrimp (from Jean), fruit salad and pancit malabon (both from Jep), Omaha Steaks cheesecake sampler (c/o Gio who shipped it as a gift to me), and pancit sotanghon. It wasn't poker night for us, but was definitely magic mic night! Almost everybody sang except Tita Ana and Cesar. The most fun singing was when Anton sang his ever-endearing She Bangs and made Daddy dance again! Haha! I had fun, especially after opening the gifts (thanks y'all)... I like Jep's iTunes gift of $25 (yey, I can now get 25 songs, unless Al beats me to it, hehe). With that gift, he fulfilled a couple of items on my Amazon wish list.

Unfortunately, I had to cut the party short a little bit after 9 pm 'coz we planned to go to downtown San Francisco for the countdown. We dropped off two friends in SF, and decided to turn back since we got too tired afterwards. We made it home in time for the countdown on TV, and just a minute soon! So to everyone - Happy New Year!!!

Anne singing, Dong, myself, and Jhean (at the back)

Daddy posing and eating our some food from Goldilocks

My sibs (minus Nat) posing while eating and chattin'

The Umalis making a quick visit and some magic mic


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