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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Re-emergence of a Good Band

Today, Al and I went to a friend's house to watch TFC since we didn't have the channel at home (not that we need it). It was a special show to watch since the band Julie Plug was going to be Ryan Cayabyab's special guest on his show World Musikahan with Ryan Cayabyab. I was elated to see them in a show of such stature, and with Des singing alongside the formidable Mister C. I thought they chose appropriate songs for the show, although I'm not so sure about the last song What's Going On which didn't seem to coincide with the rock vibe. Oh well. I thought Terry was impressive in his guitar playing, and Des was just adobrable! Hope you guys saw the show. It's always good to see them evolve from their garage playing days. I've been a fan from day one (especially of the talented Des) who can compose endearing songs (a feat in itself) and who can sing it like an angel. A little trivia to you guys - my younger brother Jeff used to be their bass player from their first album, until replaced by Jay, their current bassist. I have a lot of JP memories, but I guess my fondest one is when I was asked to play the keyboards with them at Jep's bday party, and when they played their songs and a cover of Juliana Hatfield's My Sister (and others) on my 21st bday at our old place in Gellert. Props to the band for a job well done and keep representing! Also on the show were members of old Filipino grunge bands The Teeth and Wolfgang who are now based in LA. Another trivia - my brother Jep used to be classmates with Teeth lead singer Glenn Jacinto (at Manresa where the band first started with fellow Manresan bandmates in the Philippines). JP's Des is also a fellow Manresan and school-mate from an older batch.

Julie Plug, Teeth's Glen Jacinto, and others with Ryan Cayabyab.


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