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Saturday, December 03, 2005

SJ's Christmas in the Park

I finally had time wraping my gifts and decorating our Christmas tree, and I am really getting into the holiday mood. All just in time for a visit from a long time friend who is now living in what I call Valley-Joe, okay Vallejo. I haven't seen her, her hubby and her family for years, so we decided to meet up at Downtown San Jose for Christmas in the Park. It's been a tradition for her family, but a first for Al and myself. All the spectacular displays and trees really put me in the holiday spirit, and my friend's kids really loved the atmosphere. They had rides for the kids, food booths, mechanical displays and still ones, various Christmas tree displays which were all donated and had interesting ornaments (some very innovative ones too such as an ornament of CDs and one with starbuck's cups). There were lots of Christmas lights too. Unfortunately, Santa wasn't there at night, but he's usually there during the day for the kids, I believe. I think the kids' favorite is the artificial snowfall, hehe. Anyway, check out some pics below -

Home by the tree before leaving for the park.

One cool and unique tree display in the park.

May and Chloe enjoying the artificial snow.


Blogger Sophia said...

i like ur xmas tree its gona b better than ours lol. i liek that song! the cold outside one!

7:53 PM


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