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Friday, December 02, 2005

A Week of Firsts and Others

This week has been the worse ever this year. Just when we were having the best year of our lives, incidents happened beyond our control. This week has been the worse I had all year, and to think that Christmas is coming. Hmm, I repeated myself 'coz it was that bad. I am feeling the pressure already. Here's a recap of my week -

Monday - My work computer was down and I found out that it was a hardware problem. Although an IT guy had fixed the problem (after three days), I still couldn't connect to the network, had to share a port with a co-worker as a temporary solution. After the fourth day, my problem was finally resolved and you can imagine th slur of emails I had to catch up with. This is the first time this problem ever happened to me at work. It was also the last day of a dear co-worker at work since she found a new job closer to home. I'm so happy for her, although I am going to miss her terribly.

Tuesday - Al and I were driving to work when all of a sudden, the Rover went out of control due to a slippery road (it was raining by the way). Que horror! Not again! It was scary as everything seemed slo-mo to me. I was in a panic mode since the car was not drivable, and still shaken, drove to the nearest parking lot, called my insurance, and had the car towed to the nearest auto body shop (thanks to 411). What happened was we hit a guard rail while exiting the freeway, and as soon as it happened, Al went outside to check the damage, picked up a piece of bumper, and forced to drive the car to the nearest parking lot. When auto body person arrived to pick us up, we showed him the damage and the bumper and asked if we hit an Acura and was stunned at his question and said "no, we hit the guard rail." He looked at the bumper and said it's an Acura bumper and I laughed since we thought it was ours while we picked it up. Phew! I'm glad it wasn't ours, although the damage is massive. Good thing the Rover had a grill that probably took most of the impact. As for the detatched bumper, we figured, someone had an accident similar to ours therefore the car parts on the road which we thought were ours. Yep, gotta watch out for those slippery roads so be careful driving in the rain. This is the Rover's first accident.

Today was also our first ride to San Jose via CalTrain together. Good thing I got these free CalTrain tix at work and I can put them to good use before the end of the year (when it expires). We were very upset with what happened, and yet it was an experience to ride CalTrain together. We also rode our first shuttle in SJ to VTA, and our first VTA to reach home.

Wednesday - We were so down that we figured we should try to be happy and get into the Christmas spirit. I started on my cards since my computer was down, and at night, we bought our first douglas fir Christmas tree which smelled really good (sorry we didn't get the noble coz this was cheaper). Funny how we decided to get a real tree this time since in the past, we always had plastic ones ever since we got together.

Thursday - We wanted to boost our spirits up even more so we bought a new chip for our magic mic. We bought the magic mic just recently too, the past weekend. The new chip had tagalog songs, so Al and I made our first duet together, hahaha. I hope the magic mic wasn't the reason why it rained in the first place. Since my computer was up, I had to re-install all the software I use just to be able to start working.

Friday - I received a major project at work that involved a few people. It became very hectic (not a first) since its a huge undertaking and is due by next week. Although I am confident that the project is achievable, I am afraid that my time for the project might get cut short because of all of the meetings I have for next week. I also need to create a site for Blue Butterfly Bar which has been due forever, need to update Barbara Jane Reyes' site with updates, and I got a call for a redesign project for Arkipelago Books. Ya know how overwhelmed I feel right now. Plus, today was supposed to be my finals in class. Good thing the instructor extended the last day due to technical issues. Phew! That saved my butt! Now I need to focus...Oki, this was the first time an instructor in my current program ever extended our finals.


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