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Friday, January 06, 2006

2005 Indie Man of the Year

So still, our system is down, so I thought I would watch a few video clips, and listen to some music. I didn't bring my iPod because I left it at home to recharge, but I did bring my white iPod headphones, plugged it in my PC, and opened iTunes. Thank God for shared music! So I listen in to 3 Martini Lunch's playlist, and lo and behold! A three CD tracklist of Sufjan Stevens! Always nice and relaxing, I thought this would be the perfect listening treat of the hour, especially his latest album Come on! Feel the Illinoise! that features more of his soothing voice and folk-sy melodies. But what I really admire about him is his articulate language and profound mind. Of course, good looks doesn't hurt as well.


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