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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Directions - A DCFC Video Showcase

Hurry! They are showing my fave song only until Jan 29. Check this out!

Anyway, sorry for the short hiatus. After our short trip to Seattle, Al and I realized that Lola's life is getting shorter, so we thought, hey why don't we renew our vows in church since we didn't really get to do that. Although we basically got married in a small chapel in Reno 7 years ago, it was pretty much non-denominational. So we decided to go through the process of convalidation (look it up peeps) before our dear Lola passes away, and to get the sacrament. So wish us luck. Anyway, we are excited and are planning ahead to ensure a smooth process (and allow us time for expenses, hehehe)...We have found the perfect priest, my dream church, willing participants, an affordable reception venue, unique and inexpensive party favors, etc. It is just the beginning though. I will update you guys as the event progresses. So far we have booked the rehearsal and event dates.


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