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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Family Appreciation Day Today!

Today is Family Appreciation Day in San Francisco, where participating museums and tours are free for residents. I'd say, take advantage of the opportunity. We might go to SF anywayz since I found out that my uncle in SF just had a liver transplant. My dad just called me this morning (woke me up in my sleep). We might visit him to see how's he doing.

Anyway, I watched a little bit of Saturday Night Live last night, and the show has become funnier than the past year in my opinion. I think Andy Samberg shows much potential. Haha, I am reminded of their Lazy Sunday video again (check it out on iTunes, it's free for download). There's just something about Parnell rapping that makes me laugh out loud. And both Andy and Chris trying to do the 'snicker' look. Must admire those guys that can REALLY eat lettuce while acting. Thanks Lonely Island (no wonder those We Are Scientists videos are freaking hilarious!.

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