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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Finally, Chronicles of Narnia

This just makes me want to say Da kronik-what?-kuls of Narn-eeeh-yah! Anyway, happy new year to y'all! It's still stormy outside around SJ but we set out to go to the mall, after a friend, Liz, and her boyfriend who I met for the first time, passed by in the morning at our place. Nice new year visit from them, and we exchanged gifts, ate lunch, and chatted until the afternoon. It so happens that beau just lives 10 minutes away from us. Such a nice guy and he seems very responsible. Good catch Liz!

Anyway, our purpose in the mall was to exchange Al's bday gift (if you read the past entries, you'll know what it was). He has also been buggin' me to watch The Chronicles of Narnia. I've been wanting to see it too, and today was a perfect day (well maybe not so perfect since it's raining outside). The movie was great. I felt like a kid again - yes, I'm a sucker for kid movies. And the fact that it's a CS Lewis classic added value to the movie. I'm adding this on my DVD wish list once it's out.


Anonymous allan said...

I finally got around to seeing it also.

Very cool.

I don't watch many DVDs, but I may get Narnia.

3:24 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Yeah, I agree that at first I was skeptical since it was a Disney movie and I feared it being Hollywood-ified. So I kept holding off to watching it, but I still wanted to see it since the trailer seems promising. So finally after watching it, I must say, it is a good watch. I love the movie. Nice.

1:49 PM


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