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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Half a Day In San Francisco

We set out to drive around San Francisco so Al can take scenic pics with his new cam. But before that, we went to Little Lou's BBQ in Los Gatos which is a cheap eat (considering you can get all-you-can-eat ribs for $9). We saw it on this show Eye on the Bay and thought of checking it out since we need to explore the South Bay anyway. After eating, Mo met with us there, she dropped off her vehicle at her place, and we all drove to San Francisco.

Our first stop was Fort Funston, where hang gliders go to launch their soaring metal-framed wings. It was cold up there, but it had an awesome sunset, that Al was on a camera frenzy. It was beautiful. Period.

We then drove by Ocean Beach (and it was getting dark) to reach California Legion of Honor. There Al tried to take night shots, although too bad the courtyard was closed so Mo can get a closer look at The Thinker. Then we drove by the Presidio to see a magnificent view of Golden Gate Bridge at night. It was a good night too because the skies are clear, and not foggy, so the bridge was visible. Just awesome.

We got hungry, so we went to Tu Lan and ate our heart out. I think I ate too much that my tummy started to react differently (and plus it was so heavy). Yeah we had a late lunch of ribs, and my tummy was just going to explode. Tu Lan has great food. We wanted to see Memoirs Of A Geisha after dinner, but when we got to the Metreon, the last showing was an hour and a half away, plus it would be too late for us since we still had to drive all the way to SJ. So we tried DC and same thing. So we decided just to get some Mitchell's ice cream since we were in the area. Again, the place was packed as usual, and we had to wait for 10 numbers ahead of us just to be served. And imagine it being packed despite the cold weather. Yep, ya know they really have good ice cream. Then we called it a day, driving back down to SJ, while listening to Rex Navarette's Bastos on my iPod. Hilarious stuff!


Anonymous Momo said...

Thanks for the great views and the great eats Cin and Al!!!! It was a nice evening! I still owe you both a movie so stay tuned! I am craving Tu Lan right now! The fried rice and imperial rolls sounds good!

8:52 PM


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