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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Holidays are Over? Nooooooo

So I was off yesterday which was a good break for me considering the past hectic days. Then again it's not really a break since I planned to do a major clean-up of our place, and box up all the Christmas decor. After all the clean-up, I was stressed, but at least putting away Xmas decor was now less of my worries and our environment is now spic and span.

So today I returned to work, and already there were signs of business picking up. So it's busy as usual, and already, I'm feeling overwhelmed since today is also my first day of class in school. I am still worrying about my paycheck which I haven't received yet, all the bills piling up, and also planning a visit to see Lola in Wash town since she's not doing so well. By the way, she spent Xmas eve and Xmas in the hospital, suffered a heart attack, and was close to death. That scared the crap out of me, and I almost flew there on short notice. Good thing, after talking to my mom and uncle, they said she was in stable condition, but could go anytime soon since she is already showing signs of weakness. So that's my biggest worry.

To top it all off, the Rover is still in the shop, and my Honda overheated. So I have to carpool with Al (who goes to work really early), and in the morning walked around Lake Merced before going to work (but now that I found out the gym at work opens at 6am, I just might hang out there after dropping off Al). I also couldn't find my driver's license and had to go to DMV for a replacement. I also picked up my check, deposited it to my bank, and discovered that they have to place a hold on my paycheck unless my employer writes them a letter to remove holds. It's a weird policy, mind you, and a first since I've never had problem with paychecks in my 13 years of membership at my credit union (yeah, I've been a member ever since I was teenager, and was sponsored by an uncle who passed away already). I am beginning to think my year is not starting right. Then I had to deal with an IRS audit payment which I found out in the mail today too, had to go to an interview in SF, then get auto debit for our second mortgage loan which was just transferred on Jan 2. So I ended up taking care of all that, cancelled my interview, dropped out of my classes, and seeked Al's help in dealing with other issues. Thank goodness, Al was able to bring the car to the shop, make the other payments, deal with the mortgage people, and picked up the car. Good thing the damage was not what I expected (problems with engine or the radiator) but just a replacement of the radiator cap. SO the expense was minimal (I bet it all went to labor). What a way to start the new year!


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