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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Our Short Seattle Getaway

Yep, we planned a short visit to see Lola in Wash town. After work, Al and I drove by Max's Restaurant to buy Uncle Boy's fried chicken. I think he's been craving for that for a while now since they don't have it there. We also bought our dinner and ate while driving towards the SJ airport. We parked, checked in, and got window seats. After a short one hour trip, we got to the airport, picked up our car rental, and drove all the way to Uncle Boy's house.

As soon as we arrived, Winky greeted us by the door (he is the family's uber adorable dog). Uncle Boy was excited to eat his fried chicken that even if it was almost midnight, we all ate a late dinner, and he almost finished up a whole chicken (btw, we bought two, hehe). I totally forgot some Jufran ketsup to go with it denggit! We also brought some Goldilocks pastries, some spanish sardines, Australian corned beef, and other goods that you can't find over there. Anyway, we chatted a bit, watched Million Dollar Baby and called it a day.

The next day, we hung out with Lola, looked at albums, and ate some awesome corned beef with potatoes cooked by Auntie Tina for breakfast (I always liked the way she cooked it and I haven't eaten that dish for a long, long time). We dressed up and headed to Mommy's who called to pick them up. I was shocked to see Sophia all grown up! And Mommy sooo thin (but looking older though). We gave her share of Goldilocks, did some magic mic, and drove to Seattle to buy some salmon at Pike Place Market. On the way, we passed by Angel's school, University of Washington-Tacoma, checked out the Tacoma sights, and headed to Seattle' popular Pike Place. After ordering two large fresh king salmon and two huge crabs, Mommy offered to pay for everything! Wow! A first! We then drove to University Avenue by University of Washington in Seattle to eat dinner at Thai 65, and picked up Diane from her work. We also passed by the University bookstore to check out their stuff (I bought some metal license plate frames for my cuzin's cars that say the school name since they are students of the school). We then headed to her apartment, checked out her pad, and headed back home. On the way home, we passed by Kentucky Fried Chicken to buy food for the rest of the family, and coincidentally, Sophia's boyfriend was just behind us. So we all met him for the first time.

We then drove home, ate and chatted some more, took pics (Mommy gave me a 14k gold ring with an amethyst stone), did some magic mic, played with Winky, and watched Monster-In-Law. I felt sleepy so I didn't get to finish the movie but I definitely had fun!

Sunday morning, we hung out again with Lola, and got ready for church. Auntie Tina and Uncle Boy went ahead since they were part of the choir. So Lola rode with us and the rest of my cuzins, and went to church. We met up with Mommy (who was also in the choir), and Pia who sat with us. After mass, we headed to a Korean Restaurant to celebrate Uncle Boy's and Auntie Tina's 26th wedding anniversary (it was their silver wedding anniversary last year). I really look up to them when it comes to long lasting relationships, and believe me, they are still sweet as ever. I ordered my fave bbq short ribs, but even before I got my entree, I got full with the appetizers, hehe. We chatted and joked around, but time was so short that we had to head for the airport to reach our flight. We returned our car rental, checked in our baggage and headed for the gate. After an hour, we got back to our car, drove off to Safeway, bought some seasoning for the salmon, and cooked it right away. It was mmm mmm good!

Inside the busy Pike Place Market.

More shots inside the marketplace.

Al and Sophia posing by Pike Place.

Dinner at Thai 65 on University Ave in Seattle.

A nice portrait of Lola with her gown.

Lola, a Paris Hilton wannabe with Winky.


Blogger Sophia said...

yeey u finally posted the pics! miss u miss u already ate cin vivsit again soon! wow now it's really boring here w/out u guys haha :)

7:00 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Pia! Miss you guys too, ya don't even know...Hey I bought your gown already and its really nice...I hope you'll like it (and I hope you'll fit into it, hehe)...So go on a healthy diet =P

11:23 PM


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