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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Advantages of Carpooling

For the past days, Al and I have started carpooling again, mainly because we wanted to save up for the 'event' and so we can enjoy the carpool lane. Yes, the joys of avoiding traffic, and laughing at all the cars that are stuck in the other lanes. Okay, that sounds really bad, but I'm just happy to be carpooling again because it means that we get to sleep later (although in my case, I have to wake up earlier, but I get to leave early from work too), I don't have to drive, we get to avoid traffic lanes, we save more money for gas, we don't get as bored with the long commute, and most of all, we get to spend more time together (is that a bad thing? I kid, hehe). But the best part of carpooling early in the morning is to view the sunrise with yer hunny...

So Al pops in this old CD while we drive. Lo and behold the forgotten Echobelly. Man, I forgot how good they were, and I was actually happy to hear the album again. It got me in a kind of adrenalin rush, and really woke me up in the morning. Brings back good memories. I used to remember Morrissey endorsing this band. Listen and you'll know why.


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