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Monday, February 27, 2006

Another Pinoy on Mainstream Media

Or Pinay, I must say. Again, Al and I were watching TV after dinner, and today was the first day of The Apprentice. In the intro, one of the chosen contestants mentions that her inspiration is her mother who came from the Philippines since she was 28 and that she wants to make her proud. Awww...

Speaking of family pride, I got bored so I searched peoples names on Google (and I usually enclose the names in quotations to get more accurate results). Look what I found. I'm proud to be my grandma's grand daughter. I miss her so much! She's the main reason of our wedding renewal (we wanted her to witness our church union before she passes away). She's like a mother to me since I grew up with her. She is basically my guardian, and I will be forever grateful for everything she has done to me. Read her speech and find out why I am proud of her.


Anonymous Mo said...

What a beautiful speech your grandmother gave! Now I see where you get your brains from! :)

11:57 AM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

I wish I did get her brains, lol

12:58 PM


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