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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Day Three After the Surgery

So I decided to go to work already. I kinda forced myself since I had a lot of pending work to do. Now that the day's over, I think I made the wrong decision as there were instances of double visions, missed eye drop skeds (coz I was so pre-occupied), and the light above me at work was bothersome. I also forgot, my co-worker invited me to walk with her around work, and I consented. After going down three flights of stairs and walked outside the building, I suddenly remembered that I needed my sunglasses if my eyes were going to be exposed in the sunlight. My bad. So I just might not go to work tomorrow after all. I am starting to get a massive headache.

So at work, everyone was looking at me weird, saying different things such as the ever-so-hypocritical you look great to the more honest you look different. Oh, and there's the popular it's funny looking at you without glasses, did it hurt, and can you still see comments and questions. It kinda felt awkward but hey peeps, ya gotta get used to it, ya hear?!?

Anyway, I think I really strained my eyes, but I still drove to SF to pick up Al from work. We then went straight to church for a FOCCUS appointment. Don't ask what it means, but I think it's a compatibility test. As soon as we came out the elevator, we saw our priest and he was giving me this weird look again (it's his first time to see me without glasses, hehe). He's one cool dude and I'm glad he's our priest.


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