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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Grammy Awards Night Highlights

Okay so I didn't watch the whole thing, I admit. But I did see some of the better live performances (on, that is). Here are some highlights of the show -

1. Mariah Carey sings to the Lord on her diamond-studded mic and the huge bling on her finger.

2. Linkin Park lead singer raps, and rapper plays the piano, while Paul McCartney surprises everyone and joins Jay-Z and the gang to sing Yesterday. I like the blending though (except for Jay-Z's "u-huh u-huh", "that's right", and "yes, yes"). Wish I saw Paul rap.

3. Kanye reads his speech from a huge "thank you" list. He also does the marching band routine for Golddigger with Jamie Foxx.

4. Madonna sings Hung Up with the Gorillaz. Please give her clothes! I think her date for the night was the Gorillaz nekkid guitarist!

5. Kelly Clarkson crys the whole time during her speech when she won. What?!? She didn't thank American Idol?

6. Awesome piano playing by Herbie Hancock, and great singing by Christina Aguilera. Am I the only one who likes this performance? I thought this was gonna be a standing ovation, but when the cam zoomed in on the crowd, there were less cheers than I expected.

7. Green Day wins Record of the Year, again? Oh, and in their speech, they mentioned that the record came out two years ago, hehe.

8. Bono kisses the tummy of pregnant Gwen Stefani. Awww... It's either he really likes babies, or he just wanted to go low on Gwen. Hmm, very subtle, I must say.

9. More tributes of people I don't know. Oh and Tom Hanks makes a mistake in introducing one of 'em. Also, a memoriam tribute to Richard Pryor? But he's not a musician. Hmmm...

10. And finally, no Shakira!

I think I enjoyed watching the Beastie Boys' performance on David Letterman tonight more than the elaborate Grammy's. So whatcha whatcha whatcha want?


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