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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day To All!

Al and I didn't really do anything for Valentines Day except to chill at home and be together. That's all. He prepared lunch for me today and greeted me a Happy Valentines. It's a small gesture, but a big one to me. He doesn't usually prepare lunch, so this was definitely special and I felt special. At work, I got a chocolate iced muffin from my boss (which was really good, btw). Days before, we all received a $25 Starbucks card (I guess to thank us for recent work we did and for motivational purposes, so he says, hehe). Nevertheless, I soooo appreciate these small gestures.

At home, I found out that a Pinay was officially nominated for the Oscars. I think her name was Pia Clemente, who produced a short film called Our Time Is Up. Kudos to her for representin'! She is nominated for the 'Best Live Action Short Film' category. The film stars Kevin Pollack, I think. I do hope she wins.


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