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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hello World, Goodbye Glasses!

So many things happening today, and it's not even a weekend. Capital punishment is being challenged, Art Spiegelman is on the front page of and will be in the Bay Area soon, and Sasha Cohen bags the first place spot in Olympic figure skating with this performance. Today was also a nerve-wracking day for me. I took the day off because of a scheduled surgery. Yep, I was nervous and I almost backed out, but I gathered my strength and set my mind to go through the procedure. And which procedure you may ask? I got laser eye surgery today, after yesterday's consultation with them. I was emotional after the treatment because I've been wearing glasses ever since I can remember. In a way, it is liberating, since glasses constrained me from performing certain activities. I wonder how this will change my life. And friends and family are used to seeing me with glasses. The surgery was a very quick and painless one, although I am still anxious and scared a bit. I had to take naps, take anti-biotic drops, and hope for the best. More updates tomorrow (I guess you're wondering how I can type this right now, and mind you, I'm not wearing glasses, hehe). I'm just glad it's over.

UPDATE - Sasha Cohen gets silver in the Olympics even though she got the first place spot in her short program (where she did awesome). On her long program, she fell on the ice twice. Major blow to get the gold. But her choreography was awesome though. None of the other skaters could move the ways she did. And btw, she looked great, although you can tell when she was about to start her long program that she wasn't confident.


Anonymous Momo said...

Cheers to Lasik! Here's to having vision without the hassle of contacts or eye glasses! :) I hope I can get the surgery sometime this year! I know Jadon would love it! He doesn't like my glasses!


2:30 PM

Blogger Byflyer said...

Wow, I never thought I'd see you one day sans the glasses. Galing ng Lasik (or my pronounciation -- La-seek)!

4:34 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

I'm still in a nervous mode, I dunno, must be the valium, hahaha!

4:55 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Yeah Anne, I was at Mo's earlier and it was funny coz I keep touching my face with the intention of adjusting my glasses on my face, but I totally forgot that I wasn't wearing glasses anymore, hahaha. We were both cracking up! Man, I have to break 25 years of this habit! Am sooo not used to it yet. I'm afraid that people won't get used to me without glasses (I think I look cooler with it, haha)...

6:40 PM


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