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Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Quest for the Perfect Invitation

Now that I booked the places I needed to reserve for 'the event', I am now in the hunt for the invitation I want to send out to my guests of honor. I pretty much have something in mind, and my friend Mo showed me some examples, but I still don't know where to get my invite done. I also emailed my cousin who got married last year since I liked their invitations. She mentioned that she had it done in the Philippines. Yeah, I guess in the US, people don't normally print the entourage in the invites. They usually include the list in their programs. I'm still in the hunt, so if you have suggestions, please let me know.

Anyway, today, we also passed by a bridal place in SJ and looked at tons of binders of invitation samples they had, but I didn't really like any of them. Oh well. I must be really picky. I figured, a lot of them seem modern and something that I can create myself. Also, the stationary are of poor quality, and if they have really nice quality, they are usually just one card, and not the gate-fold or tri-fold ones that I like. I pretty much wanted something with a vellum jacket and some embossed pattern with burgundy foil on it. But it's cool. I'll still look for some more.

We also passed by Uncle Bill's since yesterday was his birthday. We didn't get to pass by yesterday since I had to work overtime. It started to get hectic at work too since people are more pressured of my employer's recent acquisition. Either there's more work as usual, or they are trying to prove their worth so they don't get laid off. My uncle also had a recent liver transplant so we wanted to check how he was doing, and it seems he's recovering nicely. Auntie cooked dinner so we ate, and then chatted, while I showed auntie how to use her iMac. She gave us a lot of food to go, and then we hurried to another party, my nephew Jomar's birthday.

We were sooo late but there were still people hanging out. I hope Jomar liked our gift of walkie talkies coz we didn't know what he wanted. He is such a smart kid! I was also glad to see family from LA. Melods is preggy, Mickey seemed like he grew taller, Lola Meling is still the same, and I'm glad to see Auntie Chic who I missed. Anyway, Melods is the cutest preggy girl I've seen so far. She's due soon, in a month. And I met her guy for the first time. They look good together, I must say.


Anonymous Momo said...

Don't worry Cin, you'll find the right invitation!!! Don't worry too much about it, the fact that you and Al will be wed in Church under God is the beauty of it all! Your wedding will be wonderful rain or shine because you and Al are good people! (Oops...there I go sounding corny!!!)

11:19 PM


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