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Friday, February 17, 2006

Snow Caps in South Bay Mountains

Wow, I can't believe it! It's snowing in the South Bay! It's normally warm in SJ, but it's snowing in certain areas. As Al and I drove back home from work, we can see snowcaps on top of mountains in Santa Clara. Such a beautiful sight! And a rare one too. I hope it snows in lower levels as well. But it has been chilly for the past days.

So Al and I are just chillin' at home, and I mean chilling! 'Coz it's hecka freezing cold, although I must admit, I love cold weather (yeah, memories of DC). Anyway, we were watching a lot of TV (would you believe, we even watch Dancing With the Stars, hehe), and we both noticed the emergence of really cool TV commercials. First was this United Airlines ad that had really cool graphics/animation. We said 'galing' at the same time. And then they showed this Kaiser commercial called 'Thrive' and I just loved the concept.

Other things I noticed this year, the emergence of cool round-shaped cars. First, I fell in love with the new Audi models, then they unveiled the new Honda Civic models. I wish I had one right now. But my heart is set on getting a hybrid coz our Rover is such a gas guzzler. Oh well. But we still love it (very much, I must say).

Speaking of hybrids, another alternative to transportation are bikes. The bay area will be hosting the first ever Tour of California, were cyclist will compete to complete a scenic route around the bay. Exciting, isn't it?

Switching to music, this morning, I hacked my radioblog to change the numbers that used to be left of the song list to show 'now' instead. Also, if you noticed, it is now alphabetical. I also totally forgot to give you links to a DCFC video that I uploaded in last year. I was just surfing the site searching for the ads I mentioned earlier and found my video. Check it out. My apologies for the shaking cam movements and audience heads, haha. We were sorta trying to hide the cam from ushers and security. I also updated my jukeblog to play and listen to classic jazz that we can use for the 'event'.


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