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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Surgery Update: The Day After

So I had a post-op doc's appointment this morning so they can check my progress, and holy cow! They said my vision a day after is 20/30 which is better than they expected. I couldn't use my glasses anymore since it's so blurry now when I try to wear it. I tried Al's, who's vision is close to normal, and it was more useful since I could see clearer with his glasses. After the procedure yesterday, I just wanted to cry and hug the doctor because I was soooo grateful!

After the appointment, I got pulled over by a cop for speeding. And I didn't even notice since I was chatting with a friend on the cellphone. It seemed like other cars were faster then me and passing by me, and yet the cop picked me to write his speeding ticket. Oh well.

Anyway, I also hung out at Mo's since I had to drop off some invitations she showed me so I would have an idea for mine. She was in the process of packing stuff since she's going on a long vacation, and since I was there, she gave me tons of stuff (from wedding stuff to purses and home decor). Gosh Mo, thanks so much! I felt like I shopped over your place. Btw, the kids are just adorable every time I see them!

I also picked up Al from work and we passed by really quick to this one-stop bridal shop in DC which was recommended by a friend of mine. I'm glad we came coz I found the accessories I wanted. I'll definitely be back there.

On TV news - Sway from SSF is a Pinoy representin' in American Idol. He starts singing tonight. And guess who's another Pinoy on TV nowadays? Drew's dancing partner in Dancing with the Stars. I've been rooting for them all along, and I didn't even know she was Pinay, and that she frequented Club Xenon, a ballroom dance spot/school in Daly City, who's customers are mostly Filipino. Now Al wants to go there and learn some ballroom dancing (but it's our little secret, shhh).


Anonymous Momo said...

It was great seeing you without your eye glasses!!! (I'm so jealous!) :) I'm glad you liked the stuff! LOL...Al thought you went shopping! It helped that I was able to get some things out of here! I made some progress as far as the moving part goes! The couch is all wrapped and ready to be stored! I got two more boxes I just need to throw more junk away!

9:19 AM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Wow, you are fast! Hey I'm off today coz I strained my eyes yesterday at work and I have a headache. Call me laterz.

9:35 AM


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