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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Surgery Update: One Week Post-Op

Today, I left work for a few hours for my doctor's appointment, my routine check-up, a week after surgery. They said I have some bruising on my left eye but my vision is definitely getting a bit clearer. Yeah, I still have some redness which is making me paranoid, because I though that I might have done something wrong along the way, either during the process of the surgery, or in doing my daily eye drop regiment. And plus, the day after surgery, I forgot to shake one of the solutions before applying it, and I also forgot to apply it every 2 hours. Instead, I did it 4 times a day. Good thing I didn't develop any infections or complications so far. So yes, I'm still paranoid about the LASIK thing, but it's looking good. At least I can now see letters up to the 20 line. I could not do that for so many years. They checked my eyes under the microscope and the doctor said things are looking fine. I got scared for the past days because I think I scratched my left eye by accident, and I didn't wear my goggles on the 3rd day after surgery when I went to sleep. My right eye seems to be doing pretty well, and I'm hoping that the buises and redness would subside in a week or two. The good thing about this appointment is that the doc told me to stop the anti-biotic and the solution. That's two drops that I don't have to do, yipee! I only have to deal with one, the artificial tears. I'm still anxious, and yet excited to see results in the next three months.


Blogger Sophia said...

i didnt know it takes that long 4 u to see after lasik. i thought that u just go to the doctor and they shine this beam on u then ur done! gosh i cant hav lasik unless im at least 18... i just went to the eye doctor last week. i had 2 go 2 school w/ those weird looking sunglasses! so many ppl stared at me this 1 girl called me "bifocals" lol peer pressure... im getting new frames in like 2 weeks 4rm now and im getting prescription sunglasses too. my frames hav sum blingage on the sige i'm gona take a pic ond put it on myspace. i got another haircut did i tell u that? some ppl think its a blondish color but i dnt realli think so. lets just say its shorter and a little bit below my shoulders. like last time u saw my hair except shorter and more highlights to give it that summer look<-- thats wut my salonist said lol filipino ladies can really cut hair good! dont worry bout ur eyes they'll be fine :) coz u need those to walk down the aisle and u cant crash into the audience am i right? or u might end up kissing the priest instead of kuya al hahaha!!! jok lang... wait i just thought.. is that y u wanted to get lasik? so u dont have to wear glasses on ur wedding day? good plan! well i gotta go do my homework now (i told that to myself like 3 hours ago) but i realy will start now! luv u bye

<3 ate pia

6:54 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Hi ate pia! lol
Well, it's sort of a reason, but I riginally planned to wear contacts and I was determined to do that, then I got something in hte mail re: lasik so I checked it out, called them, canvassed around, and though might as well, if I'll be spending so much for glasses, prescription sunglasses and contacts for the rest of my life. Anyway, then I though, not only would I enjoy seeing events without glasses such as the upcoming wedding, I can also do certain activities such as swimming and the like. Cool eh?

12:57 PM


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