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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Unintended Visit to an Outlet Store

Okay, Al and I just had an appointment to meet with Fr. Ritchie, the priest who is going to officiate our renewal wedding. We gave him our baptismal certificates. Mine was easier to obtain since I was baptized in SF, while Al's took longer since it had to come from the Philippines, and believe me, we waited for three weeks. He gave us other instructions and requirements we needed for the ceremony. Anyway, it was early in the cold morning, but we suddenly felt the wedding spirit again (especially after seeing the church). We then decided to drive to Jessica McClintock to check out more clothes. We were there weeks ago to take advantage of their 90% off sales, so imagine beautiful designer gowns ranging from $7-$10 dollars. I bought all my bridesmaid's dresses there, but it needs some alterations. I already bought my gown for $140 which is such a bargain, but I wasn't fully satisfied with it. When we got there, the sale was over, although their gowns from their fall collection last year were all now $20 each. Not bad. I still need a gown for the reception so I was kinda excited to go there. Instead, I found another gown that I loved because it had more detail than the previous one I got, although the train is much shorter. I decided to buy it. Guess how much it was? I mere $50! At first they were charging us $150, but we said we got it from the $50 rack. The cashier apologized and rung it up for $50. I was really happy. It had more lace and embroidery than the previous one I bought, and I especially loved the off-shoulder short sleeve compared to the other one. So now I'm planning to sell the first one I chose. I thought this newer gown would match better with my detailed shoes. But first, I must lose a lot of weight! Hehe.

Btw, we also missed a wedding today. We were gonna go but two friends backed out and if they're not going, I'm no going either, hehe. Anyway, congrats to you Ate V! I'm glad you finally found you're soulmate...


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