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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wedding Update for January

Argh! This planning is just giving me the jitters. Just when I was getting excited, I started worrying about our expenses. Anyway, I am a bit relieved after getting some recommendations from my co-workers. So far their recommendations seem good and cheap. Now I have to book all of them but the main problem is putting down deposits to book them. Oh well. So today, I got my paycheck, and finally, after waiting for my cuzin's response (he said he might be able to get a discount at the hotel he's working for), we decided to book our first choice (we also found out that the hotel was charging a lot). I'm hoping we get the accomodations reserved for our out-of-town guests (and hope we get the discount as well). Yes, I am getting nervous, but I guess my worse fears is over - not being able to book our reception place. And after a quick visit over lunch, I was satisfied, since we got the main dining area instead of the banquet hall the manager originally showed us. That really made my day. My questions were answered as well by this nice young lady (also an awesome multi-tasker). Also my visit made me happy since I saw that the place was packed on a Wednesday! And it was filled with all these businessmen (as I talk to the person booking, I was hearing acquisition talk in the background). So this gives me the impression that important people like dining at this place so it must be good. I feel relieved in a way that I can knock-out the ceremony venue and reception off my list (all I have to worry about now is the payment, hehe).

UPDATE - Al and I went back to the reception venue after work and it was still packed with another banquet/meeting going on, and others. It ain't no Marriott and there are no views, but I'm hoping that my co-worker's recommendation follows through. The banquet manager seemed nice, and more of our questions got answered. We finally signed the paperwork, got the lay-out for the floor, and decided on more things. It's lookin' good so far, so I'm just crossin' my fingers.

At work, we also celebrated another wedding with a cake for my co-worker who got married over the weekend. Congratulations Mich! Also, my sis Nat sent me this good read for the day (plus the KulArts calendar for the year). Thanks Nat!


Blogger ZUMA said...

I just read your post re: wedding expenses and I think that the subject matter could make a great movie!--Maybe not as hilarious as 'Wedding Crashers' but hopefully not as tragic as a Shakespearean drama...Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am planning a wedding that will now take place in just about four months. We choose our venue and slowly checked things off the list one-by-one as the months passed by and so far everything was great...that is, until last night. Last night my fiance & I had our first argument over the wedding. And it was bad. Basically after realizing that we were saving a good deal of money have the invitations made by one of my best friends cousins, we sat down to re-evaluate our budget --something we hadn't done since this process began over a year ago. Anyway, turns out we are over budget about $10,000. Primarily it is because our guest list has expanded (BIG families) and not because any of our details have been extravagant --in fact, here we have saved tons of money...Anyway, the increase in cost is fine because we can definately afford it and have lots of money saved, own our house & vehicles, etc. but we STILL ended up getting in a fight! Today I am still in shock. And even though we have made ammends and forgiven one another, I woke up today a little less joyous over the whole blessed event....I read your posting and wanted to share my experience with you because I wanted to tell you to resist the temptation to stress over the finances. Weddings are never cheap and hardly anything but a tangle of emotions, family obligations, and over-blown expectations-- but it will (hopefully) only come around once in a lifetime. Try to remember this each and every time a bill comes in or a budget gets updated. And rather than grimacing at the thought of "how much this costing us," try to focus on how PHENOMENAL it will be to have 1 day in the whole of your life that combines an incredulous amount of emotion, stress, joy, excitement, bliss, publicity, anxiety, happiness, anticipation, nervousness, smiles, tears, hugs and kisses all into one single, less than 24-hr period...and then laugh :)

3:48 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Thank you for showing me a positive perspective of things. You are absolutely right, no need to stress since stress will get the best of me anyway and will lead to nowhere. Money is only money spent, whereas the event itself will be a lifetime of memories.

5:01 PM


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