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Friday, March 17, 2006

Blog Hack of the Day - My Wishlist

Check it out on my right nav sidebar. Oh and you are welcome to buy me any of those items, hehe. Thanks in advance! Also, I added a favorites list (thanks to Pandora) on the right sidebar as well, but I decided to place it all the way at the bottom. My apologies. Oh, and I have a wedding blog update too.

Anyway, Al and I went to pick up our mail and a huge flat envelope was in it. It came from my school, and when I opened it, it had a certificate. I almost forgot about that. If you are half-way into the masters program, you actually have completed the certificate program. I completed it last fall, and I guess they just sent it. Cool! Now, there is another addition on my wall of accomplishment (sure).

Then again, I am humbled by this guy. I just cannot ever imagine what he is going through at the moment and I wish him luck.

By the way, here's another interesting read. MC Hammer has gone high-tech. I never thought the day would come, but it just gives me a different impression of him (and a good one too). Anyway, check out a funny video of an orc dancing to You Can't Touch This.

Anyway, since we are in the topic of blogs, I have a treat for y'all bloggers out there who are serious about blogging. Check out a blog usability review from Jakob Nielsen.


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