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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Feeling of Relief for a Change

Somehow my past weeks were just very hectic and stressful. I swear, I thought I was gonna have a nervous breakdown or something. Our finances were a little on the low-end, I had my eye surgery which caused me a lot of anxiety even after the surgery, I had heart palpitations that felt like I was about to get a heart attack, my financial aid was cancelled since I didn't register last sem (well actually I did but I dropped both classes), I was constantly worrying about the wedding expenses (major stress because of the sleepless nights), I had a massive project at work that took me a week to accomplish (and mind you, I had eye surgery which slowed me down too and gave me dizzy spells), and then I was in a terrible mood swing that Al can barely handle (meaning I was irritable most of the time). So that caused me a quick visit to the emergency room, when my chest started hurting that I thought I was going to die. The nurse said it might be the muscles, so I decided to just go home and finally rest.

So as I started to put things in perspective, I realized that I can only do so much and that I have to do things one step at a time sometimes (even though I am proud to be the ultimate multi-tasker and am extremely organized). Afterwards, I visited the eye doctor, and my anxiety with my eyes diminished as I heard the doctor say that my bruise is normal. Phew, that was a relief. I thought I already caught an infection or something. I guess I just neede reassurance. And as the days passed, my vision is definitely getting clearer, sometimes really clear that it felt like I was wearing glasses again. Also, my I brought my old prescription glasses to Costco to replace my lenses with plastic ones so I can wear my cool frames cosmetically. Haha!

As for the wedding plans, we were able to pay a portion of the reception expense, although it's still a long way to go. We also met with our priest, and went to a wedding orientation to meet our coordinator while she answered a lot of our questions. That diminished some thoughts and questions in my mind as well. At home, I tried to finish the invitations, and I am almost done. I just need to print the extra insert, combine it with the actual invitation, and add a ribbon. So that was a load off as well.

As for school, I was able to register for next spring, and I told them I'll just take one class since I couldn't handle two. I normally do two in a sem, that's why I'm half-way into my MS program, but not this time. I think from now on, I'm taking only one class at a time. As for work, I was able to finish the project in a timely fashion which was a huge relief for me. My boss gave me a laptop (I think I like the bag more) and he was on vacation for a few days which got me to relax a bit and focus on work more. I just also got a new flat screen 19" Dell monitor (finally) that is extremely clear and helpful to my eyes. I am happy.

Other things that made me less stressed and more happy - a nice lunch with an old friend at work last Friday, a mini-reunion with dear cousins from LA and Canada last Saturday (Melod's baby shower party), a tour of SF (with visiting relatives) whose landmarks I haven't seen for a long time and the scenery made me calm and relaxed, a laugh at Ichiban with the familia, a chat with an aunt in Washington DC (haven't spoken to her for a long time) who said 'yes' to being one of the principal sponsors in the wedding, and a shopping spree with my aunt in SF who I never really hang out with (glad she called). Oh, and I got a pleasant surprise from my cuz Twi - she told me that she was 4 months preggy! Yep, it's been a hectic week (and another one next week). Now, all I need is some good 'ol catching up with sleep. Check out some pics of our dear weekend visitors.

Posing near the California Legion of Honor in San Francisco

Jep and familia posing by the famous bridge, Camila's 1st time

My cousin Twi (in green), her hubby Boyd and sister with me and Al

The gang of five by the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco


Blogger Byflyer said...

"Old" friend, huh? Well, that's one accurate way of putting it, sadly, i kid...enjoy your day. Take a good rest okie?

11:22 AM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

oki, let me rephrase that -- "young friend" hehe... man, see how stressed I am, I keep forgetting things (esp the cam) and I don't even follow my own sked anymore. *boo hoo hoo*

Yeah, I'll be needing that 'free starbucks' now to wake up up and get things going, hahaha...

12:54 PM


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