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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Google Page Creator and Others

Finally, I got my account for Google Page Creator which they enabled just today. I signed up long time ago but I was on their waiting list and totally forgot about it. I was curious to check it out, but I don't have the time yet. It seems straightforward though. Anyway, will play around with it later. Basically, I just wanna know where the ads are placed and how they're showing.

Also, I am not in my best health for the past days. I have a back sprain at the moment. So I've been working from home for the past days, although I plan to be physically present tomorrow. Anyway, it started hurting when i got out of the car last Monday going to work. I can barely walk towards the building. And I felt like cussing all the time. It was that bad! I thought it would go away but it didn't. After a few hours, I couldn't stand the pain so I told my boss that I needed t go home. Anyway, I put some bengay and it seemed to relieve it a bit, but it's still hurting a lot. Oh well.

Last night, I finished up the invites and printing the envelopes. I still need to purchase inner-lined envelopes. It's getting there...A lot of people offering to help with the preparations yesterday and today. My friend May, Anne, Abby and Nat. Feels good to know there's some help when needed.

I finally made time to network all computers at home. I did it before but because we've been moving for the past years, I didn't do it this time. Using my old router, I was successful in configuring Al's laptop to mine (so he can access wireless internet), but I was unsuccessful with my work laptop. I enter the right key and it worked in Al's laptop, but not on the other one. Weird. Alhotuhg now it can be connected to the internet (not wirelessly though) so it's okay. In community news, a client of mine, Giovannie Pico, can now be seen in a American Express commercial. You go gurl!


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