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Friday, April 28, 2006

An Arguable Bay Area Music List

So iTunes posted their 25 Bay Area Essentials, listing their top choices that represent the SF sound. The SF Chronicle's Joel Selvin and Aidin Vaziri had their own list as well to counter the iTunes list. Anyway, I say it's arguable because they failed to mention some good bands in the city, and more contemporary ones. Here is my comment on their culture blog section:
I vote Red House Painters! One of my all time faves and very SF, a style later on adapted by Death Cab for Cutie. And how can anybody miss Primus?!? A band with a unique sound, and very SF! Would Pavement and Grandaddy count? Where's Tony's I Left My Heart? And John Lee Hooker, a permanent fixture on Fillmore? Do we base by origin and residence, or lyrics about San Francisco? Didn't the Arctic Monkeys have a song about SF? Anyway, I vote Longview for Green Day, and am glad that Romeo Void and Carlos Santana were added. As for Faith No More and Counting Crows, it's like having Third Eye Blind and Vanessa Carlton on the list.
Since we're in the topic of music, I was channel surfing today and saw Matt Pinfield on this show called the V-Spot on VH-1 introducing Mariah Carey and Kelly Clarkson. Sad. I never thought this day would come...


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