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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Being Sick Can Be Productive Too

I have been sick for the past weeks. I dunno what's happening but it's just so weird. First, two weeks ago, I got out of the car to work, and I twisted my back. It started to hurt so much that I can barely walk to my building. I thought the pain would go away, but as hours passed, the pain just got worse. So I asked my boss if I can go home. The next couple of days, I worked at home but my back was still hurting. I really couldn't concentrate and after doc's orders, I rested one more week. Just when my back was feeling better, I got the stomach flu this week. It's just terrible. I would take flu, but stomach flu? I hate it! I couldn't really eat what I want, and I have massive headaches, tummy hurts, and feel nauseated most of the time.

But anyhoo, since I'm home, during times when I feel bored and a bit better, I opted to catch up with other stuff. Check out a beta project which is still in the works. My client just launched his second book over the weekend (too bad I couldn't make it). I was also able to revamp the blog of another client and make adjustments to the site. I wanted to redo the site but she didn't want me to bother which is cool.


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