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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Goodbye to a Friend {Well Sort Of}

Yesterday, my high school buddy who found residence in the Bay Area at the start of the millenium, drove to LA to settle there temporarily and be with family. Last Saturday, I was supposed to help them move, but unfortunately, I had to be rushed to the emergency due to a back injury. So we just lent her our van (I told Al to help and just pick me up later in the hospital but he insisted to be by my side). I wanted to see her, but my back was just in the way. So to you Anne, goodbye, well sort of, since you won't be around the city, and yet won't be so far since you'll only be in the southern part of Cali. I will miss you and hope that you will visit often (if not for me, then for *ahem*), and ya better get yerself here in September. Hope you enjoy yer ventures in your new home (which I'm sure you will). Nothing beats being with family, fo sho!

Anyway, on tech news, I just did my free download of Google SketchUp, their 3D drawing application which they released last Thursday. Can't wait to try it out.

Al also placed all the TV remotes by my side so I can watch TV and not get bored. I discovered the wonderful world of STARZ free preview. So imagine me in a movie watching frenzy. Yep, am taking advantage of that.


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