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Monday, April 17, 2006

The Google Monopoly of the Web

Nice way of putting it huh? This is one of my dream employers, although I must admit, I am already working for my ultimate dream employer. Anyway, although I configured my Google homepage years ago, I really haven't used it. So when I decided to visit it again (and I did it becuase I found out about Google Calendar), I was overwhelmed with what I can now add on my homepage. Name it, they probably have it (well, not exactly because I was looking for friendster, myspace, statcounter, and blogger links. I haven't really finished surfing through all the applications, and I cluttered my homepage already and just gave up. Now I'm in the process of uncluttering it. Talk about information superhighway. Or more likely, Web 2.0 in action.

Among the interesting ones I added - Six Degrees of Wikipedia, IP Adderess Lookup, Internet Slang Translator, and Joel on Software. And one I didn't add - Bra Size Converter.


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