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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Innovation At Its Best {at Age Two}

This was shot few weeks ago when Al and I decided to drop by my bro's place to play with my dear niece. She is so adorable! I love this picture because this is the first time she didn't cry with me around and without her parents around (they went shopping btw). I also luv this pic coz it shows her playful side (and don't you think this pic of her looks a lot like my bro when he was this age - he was very playful too) Reminds me of those happy childhood days. Anyway, guess what's on her head? A lamp shade which she turned into a hat! Haha! How cute and smart! Oh, and she actually said the word 'hat'.

Uber adorable Camila with her so-called hat.

My dear Camila playing with her new slide.


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