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Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's a Girl! Well, Most of Them Are...

So the baby boom has begun early this year. Already, I have babies surrounding me. First there's Rejinae Hazel, my cousin Melodie's first baby. So cute! And I was honored to be asked ninang. Then there is Jessica May who I haven't seen yet. I'm planning to visit my friend May who just gave birth few days ago, a day after Melodie. Wow. Then there's the birthday party with Brandon this Saturday, my friend Michelle's first son. Can't believe he's a year old already! Then I got reconnected to two nieces. I've been spending my past two weekends with Camila, who is just super adorable! She used to cry a lot when Al and I are around, but I guess she is getting used to us and doesn't cry anymore! I am luvin' it! Also, I suddenly got a call from Nikki, who I haven't spoken to forever and yet we chatted until past 12 midnight. She will be my flower girl btw in our upcoming wedding renewal. Apparently, she has her own cellphone (well, I gave her my old one before, but it was prepaid when she inherited it). It's pretty old school anyway.

Speaking of old school, it's been hectic busy at work lately, ever since I came back Monday from an injured back and stomach flu. It sucks because as I write this, my back is still hurting, although it is bearable but still painful. Also, I got a call from an old classmate in highschool who was seeking job opportunities in the bay area for people close to her. I hope I can help somehow.


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