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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Mad Rush to Beat the Deadline

Last night was very hectic. After a laid-back day at work, Al and I met so we can drive together to my accountant. We got there around 6pm, and already she has a client before us. We waited, and we were done after three hours. Within that time, more clients came in and the phone was ringing non-stop. So she called reinforcements to help us out - her daughter - who speeded up the process (now I'm wondering if she calculated our expenses right). Anyway, we got invited to another friend's house since the family cooked tons of food for Easter (very tempting). We could've gone if it were not for time constraints (and our other plan to pass by Al's uncle's place for another purpose). Anyway, after the rush rush to beat the deadline, we finally finished around 9:30pm (with everyone pitching in to calculate totals - next year we know to prepare our spreadsheets). We signed our forms, and drove to the airport post office (which closes at midnight I believe). Already, there were a line of cars on the street, with orange cones organizing traffic, and men in neon orange suits diverting cars to the right direction. It could get confusing, as Al made a quick u-turn so I could finally give my envelopes to the guy waiting to stamp it right away (I didn't even have to go in anymore). Anyway, we were just glad we didn't have to file for extension. Phew!

Anyway, we passed by In n'Out in Millbrae since we were so hungry, and then drove straight to Al's uncle's house. They were offering dinner but we refused since we were so full. Then we gave them some form they needed to fill out as a requirement for our 'renewal' and in return, we signed up for insurance (which was an unexpected event). I admire the sales tactic though, hehe.


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