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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

One Cool, Hilarious Concert Moment

And this fan chooses a DCFC concert to attempt this recorded feat. Haha, wish I had his guts. Then again, I was never thrown out of a venue. I know some peeps who were, but didn't get a chance to run away after being body surfed to stage. Oh well. No wonder they banned body surfing in small venues, but I'm glad I lived to witness a lot of 'em. Anyway, this was a deliberate climb on stage to see Ben. Ahhh, what fans would do to see and have their moment with him. Not only did he get Ben to sing his song, he got their water as well. Hahaha. He also got to enjoy the rest of the concert. Whadda?!? Btw, I got the link from and I think it's really cool and hilarious. You gotta watch the whole thing -

On a side note, did you see my attempt to video a DCFC concert? Check out the old vid here. This'll be the last time I get a videographer gig, haha.


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