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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Watch Death Cab on Subterranean

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time at home on the weekends. I dropped my class, so I have more bandwidth than usual. I am almost caught up with organizing all our receipts for tax purposes. Our living room is now less cluttered, and I am looking forward to mass tonight (it's Easter Sunday btw so Happy Easter everyone). It's also DCFC time at Subterranean. Can't wait!

Anyway, as I was channel surfing last night (there was nothing good on TV), I saw some Tagalog shows which was a shock to me. So I investigated some more and found out there were two channels - RPN USA and VIVA. Not that the shows are appealing, it was just amusing to see Filipino shows on DIsh. I wonder if its there for good or if its a free preview since I cancelled the Mabuhay Channel (it sucks, that's why). I guess with the emergence of GMA and ABS-CBN in the US, RPN is joining the rat race to get their spot with American audiences.

UPDATE - I take that back. There are actually three channels, plus some channel called NBN4. No idea what it is, but it seems they show really, really old Filipino shows. Oh wait, they all show old shows.


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