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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

An American Idol Make-Over

Just when Idol night was getting boring, a couple of surprise segments happened on the show American Idol. Al and I voted for Katharine McPhee because we thought Taylor Hicks was an obvious winner anyway (this is our first time voting in the finale, and our other votes in the past years were for any asian singer in the top 24, hehe). Yes, this show is our guilty pleasure (shhh). It was honestly difficult to choose because there are just so many good singers in the group (I previously wanted Chris Daughtry to win, but he got booted early on). I personally was touched by McPhee's song Somewhere Over the Rainbow (I would buy the single right away). I thought her interpretation of the song was really good, but then I had much respect for Hicks when we came out singing with the Idol gang playing his harmonica. That kinda wowed me (plus I saw a clip of him on YouTube singing at a club with so much energy and playing a guitar with his band). I got bored with the Idol medleys (but was interested in hearing others sing again, especially that lady Mandisa who sang I'm Every Woman). I liked the funny and sort of endearing surprises from the Brokenote Cowboys to Puck and Pickler (which I though was hilarious, and Pickler almost sounds like a country Paris Hilton, haha). But got bored once again with the awards segments (it got old). I was less excited with Kat and Meat Loaf which made me change the channel, and it got even worse when I heard Mary J. Blige sing U2's One (I swear I thought I wasn't gonna hear her version again since the MTV awards last year when she tortured the song, but I guess I was sooo wrong). At least Elliot Yamin sang it well. Did you guys see David Hasselhoff crying?!? Haha, I think that's the funniest thing. Here's a transcript of Idol watchers which I think is hilarious as well.

But the best part was when Ryan Seacrest anticipates us with the results after commercials then suddenly Prince pops out and walks on stage, singing with his two back-up singers, but minus the Idols (thank goodness). That really got me glued to the show all of a sudden. Truly an Idol make-over with his presence (the show, despite its horrid opening graphics, corny car commercials, and yucky-poppy image, got a little cooler). And there was also the revelation of a new stylized Clay Aiken! All of a sudden, I had a crush on him! When did he start looking so dreamy? You must think I'm crazy, huh? He looked sooo cool (imagine him when he first auditioned in AI). I just wished he sang some more. Anyway, here's a classic clip of him on stage with the new look -


Blogger Sophia said...

oh WOW! i LOVE katharine mcphee's voice!! lol.. and ur right clay aiken is starting to look dreamy haha that other guy;s singing sucked! haha jkjkjk... ya maybe in a couple weeks love ya!

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