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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another Sorta New Launch

Well, this was a site that I created years ago but was still a beta site, so it's sort of a new launch since it was pushed live just last night. Anyway, he doesn't have his own domain (but a shared domain with his nephew, another prominent writer) but check out the new (but old) site of the honorable pioneer and historian Al Robles, community advocate and writer/poet. If it looks skewed on your computer while you view it, please let me know and I'll make some fixes. The coding of the page is pretty old since I did this years ago, and I didn't have the time to redesign (I still thought the page looks current). I will update more pages as I go (will add more poetry - some links are not working - and events). Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to check out another launch two days ago (it's his nephew's new site).

An update on my back - how do I put it in words? Argh! I hate my back! Just when I thought I felt okay yesterday, I woke up early today and feel miserable! I can sit down longer, but there is still much pain. I sooo wish it would go away. But despite the back blues, I was happy yesterday. Al had accomplished a lot. He told me to blog this, k? Coz he was very, very happy with the service he received at the Land Rover in Redwood City (he was off btw). He went there just to buy driver's side wiper blades (he looked at car stores and they always referred him to go to a Land Rover place coz they don't carry it. Anyway, he said it was cheap, and the guy selling also replaced it for him. There was also a problem with the tubes connecting to the washer fluid. I think it was disconnected or something because the part connecting the two tubes broke. So he asked the guy too and charged him $3 for the part. The best part was he was willing to replace it as well, cut the tube and connect it together. Al asked how much for his labor (not too intensive, something Al could've done on his own) but he said not to worry about it. Big props to Paul of Land Rover in Redwood City for his excellent, excellent service! Also, I am anxiously awaiting the call of my husband this morning. He might have good news (or not) but I am hoping that all his hard work would pay off. Pray for him...


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