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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Barry and the Big Home Run

The anticipation continues for the big 714. Will Barry Bonds finally beat Babe Ruth's record? My goodness! Imagine history in the making unfold in San Francisco. Watch out for updates on this. Bonds on Bonds anyone? His show is timely. Btw, I saw the show and it was sort of revealing (not the steroid thing though. I haven't really seen Bonds talk so much, hehe. Also, the news was covering a live cast of McCovey Cove earlier (so you can imagine how Al wished he was in SF).

Speaking of sports, here's a quote from SF Chronicle's Betting Fool -

The Phoneyard was on fire Tuesday night, and if you're paying more attention to the Sharks these days, you lose your Bay Area Sports Fan card and report straight to Dorkville.

But hey, I would probably totally agree on this if I were still in SF and didn't live in SJ! But ya gotta appreciate a Bay Area team that's almost at the top. Am hoping they become champions. Another joyous event in the city the past weekend was Cinco de Mayo. I guess Sj isn't so bad after all.


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