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Monday, May 22, 2006

Breaking the Alcatraz Record

I was on my way to work when suddenly, there was a media frenzy on TV with this 7-year old kid named Braxton Bilbrey who wanted to beat the record on the youngest swimmer to reach Alcatraz (previously set a while back by a 9-year old). I saw him on TV actually reaching the shore, with his parents awaiting anxiously. As soon as he reached land, he has chattering teeth but he didn't seem tired at all and was very cool about the whole thing (even with cameras around him while reporters kept asking questions left and right). Truly an inspiration to everyone. I really admire this kid who has done a feat that I myself could have never done in my lifetime (then again, I must admit, I don't even swim)! Kudos to Braxton for such an accomplishment!


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