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Monday, May 29, 2006

Camila's Birthday Celebration

So yes, today, we set this day to celebrate my niece's second birthday. We woke up early to buy her a gift (but actually ended up with three gifts) - an elmo cellphone, a princess walkie talkie set, and a red wagon. Then we set off to pick up the food at three restaurants (so you're getting the pattern here, all in three's, hehe). Anyway, we were early (and now I can see why they told us to go there earlier). As soon as we arrived, the place was already surrounded with Hawaiian decor, with Camila playing inside a tent (and we started playing with her). Guests also started to arrive, an array of my bro's old friends, relatives, and lots of kids. The backyard was full of fun-filled activities for the kids, a fire-eating hawaiian girl who paints faces and makes balloon animals, tons of food and barbeque, poker in the garage, and hawaiian decor/party favors all over. So people are encouraged to wear grass skirts and leis, while others are drawn to the tiki bar (next to the barbecue grill) where alcohol is abundant. Overall, it's your typical children's birthday party with a theme. Will post pictures soon (you can already check some on my right sidebar). More to come.


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