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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Charlene's Graduation Celebration

Al and I set this special day to attend my sib Charlene's graduation party at Princess Gardens. She just obtained her Bachelor's in Public Health at the prestigious UC Berkeley. Oh and I didn't even know that she was graduating this year. It seems like yesterday that she just graduated high school, and now she's done with college? Am a proud sib, I must say. We got Charlene a bouquet of spring flowers, and we got Tita Ana a dozen red roses for mother's day. Anyway, it was an intimate family dinner which seemed like an awesome mini-reunion, with her friends too. There were an array of Chinese dishes, vegetarian food for the vegetarian, cute little grad bobbleheads on ice cream cake slices, and of course some to go, my fave part. Anyway, I was glad to see family, and dad looked pretty good despite his health. My cute niece Camila was in a bad mood at first, dad gives her wasabi chips (he didn't know they were wasabi, haha), people were taking pictures, guys were watching sports on the huge projector tv screen, and Camila finally gets comfortable around us. Overall, it was a fun day with family.

After the cool reception, we headed to Rasputin's which was close by. After Camila showed me a bunch of movies to watch (btw, she kept showing us The Grinch), I headed to the indie section and ended up buying the Editor's CD The Back Room. By the way, speaking of the Editor's, I just downloaded their cover of Talking Head's Road to Nowhere from the Stereogum site.


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