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Monday, May 08, 2006

Great Day Today - Sunny Too!

Sorry if my title sounds too perky, but for two weeks, I didn't see the sun as I was bed-ridden most of the time. So I'm actually happy to be out and about (I got so bored being at home that, believe it or not, I actually missed work so much). My day didn't really start so well considering it's my first day back to work, and I woke up with a little pain in my back. And then I left early for work, and yet I have to go through really bad traffic in the morning (I thought it would be lighter if I left earlier). Then I missed my exit coz I was talking to a friend on the phone. Oh well. Good thing there was another exit also close to work so I didn't have to turn around. Oh well.

Then work started. I had to catch up to two weeks of email (I was out for that long), and discovered that I had an email I missed since it was buried with all other emails. Anyway, the project required to delete approximately 700 files. Imagine how much work that was in the morning. At first I though it wasn't that much, but when I tallied it up, I was actually shocked! And then there is another massive project. Doesn't sound like a great day yet huh? But what really made my day is when, in a short meeting with my boss, he allowed me to work two days at home. Thank God! Anyway, this is definitely good for my back (and also saves gas too). I also called the ergonomics guy so he can check my desk too. I hope this helps me a lot (maybe a new ergonomic chair? maybe I'm pushing my luck, hehe).

At night, I met up with two friends for dinner at Max's in SSF. In a coincidental moment, another old friend called me looking for my friend who was with me. They haven't spoken with each other forever, so he was surprised to find out that we were actually together. They chatted, he had a business and was networking. And that was that. Good dinner treat too! I haven't been at Max's since our last visit to Seattle last January (we ate dinner there before driving to the airport, plus I bought some chickent o bring to my uncle in Seatlle). Yum!


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