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Friday, May 12, 2006

So I Wanted to Make Some Money

Only if you click on my ads. Yep, after much deliberation on this for the past years, I finally decided to join the bandwagon and try my luck in earning some money with Google's Adsense program. This was also influenced by my traffic analysis on my blog everyday. Ya never know, maybe people would be interested in the ads. Anyhoo, I hope you guys go clickity-click on my right sidebar, way down below. But I'm still reluctant to give out my all my personal information on the net. Maybe when I really need a check, I'll do it. For now, I'll try to accumulate my earnings.

Anyway, today Al was disappointed that the Sharks lost. He's still crossing his fingers. Also, I missed some free scones for breakfast, and free lunch at Hola's at work. Darn, why do the good things happen at work when I'm never around? I was working at home today, but it was hectic busy. And just when I though I was halfway with a project, I got another huge project sent before the day ended. Yikes! It never ends... I'm so looking forward to a relaxing weekend. It's been very hot the past couple of days, and I couldn't take the heat. We've been using the airconditioning the past weeks, and I received my electric bill - a whooping $93 dollars! Okay, I'm bad, I need to conserve, and that bill might've included last months bill too, hehe. We also did our grocery, and I was so tempted to buy some ice cream. We passed by Target to look for a gift for my sib Charlene who's graduating from UC Berkeley tomorrow (am a proud sis). But I ended up buying some summer shoes for myself, hehe. It's okay, Adsense will pay for it (yeah right)...


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