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Monday, May 01, 2006

Support - Day Without Immigrants

We all know today is the day when immigration rallies will be held all over the country. Al encouraged me to boycott businesses. He did work, but I didn't (more because of a back injury I currently have). I wish I can participate, but I guess I can't since I'm immobile, although you won't see me shopping today. Anyway, I urge everyone to support immigration rights (for opposers, it is just plain ignorance on their part). I wish celebrities can use their power to support the cause for more visibility and prominence. But I guess they would rather support Darfur or other countries than their own. So wear white for unity today wherever you go, and fight for human rights. I myself am not an immigrant, but if it weren't for my parents immigrating to this country, I wouldn't even be here and get my education and contribute to the economy. And historically, this nation was established by immigrants (and you don't hear Native Americans complaining now). Their proposals are discriminatory and just plain wrong. I myself was born here in the US, but my parents were legal immigrants (now citizens), my mom obtaining her professional visa in the 60's. My grandfather (mom's side) is a World War II US Veteran, and him and my grandmother (a former lawyer) are both naturalized citizens. My grandfather on my dad's side was a farm worker in Hawaii (and I still have living relatives in Union City who were farm workers as well in the early 1900's) so I understand their plight.

For a schedule of events today, click here. In observance, we should remember the following:
  • Historically, this nation was built by immigrants (who eventually pushed away Native Americans)
  • Immigrants are not criminals, they just want to work, feed their families, and survive
  • Immigrants have major contributions to the economy
  • Some immigrants were brought here as children by their parents, grew up here and have no choice but to stay for fear of being separated from their families
  • Immigrants often take jobs that other citizens would not take themselves
  • Legislation is discriminatory and power-driven, a divide and conquer strategy of the global elite
  • Anti-immigrant legislation will not stop terrorism
Speaking of rallies, here is a timely web launch. Yesterday, I finally finished moving the newly-created site of a client, author Tony Robles, to its host server with domain name intact. Consider it launched May 1st. Check it out - And there was an article on the SF Chronicle regarding his new book just posted yesterday. And an update on my injury...After a week being bed-ridden, I am still not 100% well and it still hurts when I sit down for a minute (but at least I can now walk, although I try not to for fear of pain). I've been taking muscle relaxants and pain killers as prescribed by my doctor, but I want to go to work already. It is so boring to be in bed the whole week, and feeling immobile even with the smallest tasks. I hate it! But as I lay on the bed, Al put the laptop on my side so I can use it (even when lying down). I just have to bend my knees so it inclines and I can see the screen. I may be bed-ridden, but I still accomplished something. Hope you like the new site.

Here is not merely a nation, but a teeming nation of nations. -- Walt Whitman


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