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Monday, May 01, 2006

Thank You Stephen Colbert...

... for a good laugh today. Not to overshadow the immigration protests, thousands of people who have seen the White House Correspondent's Dinner have thanked Stephen Colbert for delivering his satire in front of the President (makes you wonder if the person who asked Colbert to do the roast was ever thinking straight). It's obvious people were uncomfortable (especially the President) with the speech, although there was also an amount of laughter. This controversial speech is truly GUT-sy on his end since I I don't know any other comedian who would have done that (and yet get a hand-shake from Prez in the end anyway). You must admit, Colbert had made a mark (before this, I haven't really seen his show The Colbert Report) and consider me a new fan from now on. I dont think the Prez was pleased, but I must give him props for his speech together with his impersonator.

Here is the controversial, hilarious three-part video you MUST see:


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