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Saturday, May 13, 2006

This Week's Tragically Hip (or Not)

I was watching th funny Talk Soup on E network, and they had mentioned the unlikely following events happening this week -

Chris Dougherty, who was a personal fave of mine to win this year, was surprisingly ousted in American Idol. Man, I knew it! I should've voted! Haha! Oki, that's not really me, but I was particularly impressed with the group they chose this year. It is honestly difficult to choose since all are really good, but I like both Chris and Kat and they were both on the bottom two. I really thought Kat was a goner, But I didn't expect Chris to be booted sooner. Argh! Anyway, there's word that the band Fuel wanted him to be their new lead singer? Hmm.

Street magician David Blaine also attempts a world record, and the man who seemed like he can accomplished anything, was short of the record. A daring feat, I must say, also a scary one, but I really thought he had a trick up his sleeve. He really seemed to be in pain in the water, and was almost turning blue. Maybe next time (if there would be another next time).

Great shows are ending their run too, such as Will and Grace, The West Wing, Alias, That 70's Show, Malcolm in the Middle, and 7th Heaven. Sad is all I can say.

Oh and the highlight of the week, people's favorite heiress Paris Hilton was at E3 in LA to promote her mobile game Jewel Jam. Wait a minute? she has a game and she's invading the geek world? What is happening to the world now?!? Oh, and she mistakenly promotes it as Diamond Quest. Har har.

Last but not least, Britney finally reveals at David Letterman's show that she is pregnant again. I guess K Fed has good sperm count, haha! She did look a little healthy and plump that night wearing a black dress.


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