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Friday, May 19, 2006

A Week of Endless Projects

TGIF! Man, I am soooo exhausted! Oki, it's venting time. My week started with a massive project at work, three meetings, a telecon that got cancelled earlier today because everyone was just darn busy, an all-hands, and three more major projects! I don't know how I survived the week! I didn't even work at home on Wednesday because of our all-hands and pending projects. I even had to ask the team to help me in a firedrill because it just got overwhelming. And believe me, it's not over yet. Just when I think my work is done, another one comes along. Even tomorrow, which is a weekend, I have a meeting with one of my freelance clients in a revamp. When will I ever get a break? But honestly, I love my job. I'd rather be busy than not, because I'm almost getting bored on the internet. Today, I worked at home which gave me a more relaxed atmosphere. How come when I work at home, I'm more focused, relaxed, and productive? I also feel I can accomplish more since I wake up earlier, am not tired from the commute in the morning before going to work versus other claims that working at home distracts them. Well not me. Anyway, I was sooo busy, I woke up early anyway to start work, and worked late just to finish up my weekly reports. Glad the day is over, so I can start to rest. Just when I thought the weekend was going to be nice, I discovered it started to rain. *sob*

Anyway, I got a book in the mail today! I was waiting for this book from another client of mine. Oh, and he autographed it too! I was hoping he would autograph it for my niece though since it's her birthday next week. She will love the book! I love the colors and drawings too. Will read it when I have bandwidth over the weekend.

Also, Al's laptop was down for the past weeks. He wanted to have it fixed, but I insisted I would fix it instead of spending so much money. The key to it is popping in the restoration disc, but the problem is that the computer keeps shutting down, and is pointing to the hard drive so the disc won't autorun. Oh well. But after reading some info on some user groups and trying their suggestions (such as changing BIOS and pressing keys), I finally found out a solution. I just pressed the letter 'C' for a long time and it worked! The restore CD launched! Thank goodness! I immediately installed a recent McAfee anti-virus and updated it. I also did a quick windows update. Now I have to configure it back to wireless to have internet access since my laptop is the base. Glad it's fixed. So you think I should apply for a job in tech support versus web dev? Nah...


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