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Saturday, June 10, 2006

An Annual Filipino Summer Fest

Yep, it's that time of the year in SF - Fiesta Filipina time! Al and I were just reminiscing on how it was a tradition for our family to go there when they were still here. I really miss those days. Also, I have memories of friends who hung out with me during these events when I was younger (maybe for a lack of something better to do at home) and it was always a fun time for us. Unfortunately, most of these people have grown older with kids, and some are not in the Bay Area anymore. Sob. Also, these yearly events are now charging entrance fees (it used to be free ya know). Anyhoo, there were some years when I had hookups so I could get in for free to make it worth my while. This year, my hook-up was my sib Nat who was an exhibitor for her employer. I thought she only had two extra complimentary free tix, but when we got there, she gave us four extra exhibitors passes, and five complimentary tickets. Woohoo! We plan to go back tomorrow to see the band South Border. But today, there was nothing really special except the performance of the day from this good local Fil-Am band called Sputterdoll. It was cool that Nat could hang out even for a short while (I know she's freezing to death). That, and Al bought this cool green shirt with Jose Rizal in front. The day was soooo cold and overcast though.

San Francisco City Hall and fiesta booths in all around.

Sputterdoll rockin' hard at Fiesta Filipina's Youth Stage.

Al looking around SF, waiting for Nat while she parks her van.

UPDATE - The next day I met up with Jep and family to give him our extra tix and passes for the event. I picked up Al afterwards and we all met up at a very crowded Civic Center. Glad to see Camila who seem to be in good spirits.


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