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Friday, June 30, 2006

Another Magic Mic Moment

Today, we decided to shop for some stuff for Lola to bring to Wash town. Jep, Camila, Pia, myself, and Al went to Seafood City to buy some of her favorite Filipino foods and snacks, while Mommy cooked tons of blue crab and adobo ribs for dinner. As soon as we got back to Jep's place where the gang stayed, we plugged in the magic mic so we can hear Pia sing tagalog songs. And boy can she sing! I was especially amused to hear her sing Love of my Life by Southborder. I just might have her sing that at my wedding.

Anyway, it was fun, with Al and I singing duets, Jef and his uber funny Canton song, and memorable songs from the parents. We stayed up until a little past 2 am, and I drove home still not sleepy (also, I had some caramel frap earlier in the day). Anyway, I also got something good from Jep - a CD of potential slow dance songs for the wedding.


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